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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grocery Trip

"An old man is twice a child."

Today, Kim decided to make appetizers that had ingredients that required a trip to the grocery store. The same grocery store that Kim and I happen to shop at also happens to be the same store that every elderly person in Albuquerque shops at. I'm not joking--it's damned near impossible to walk up and down those aisles. I can't get past the carts parked in the very middle of the aisle and the old folks standing next to them, peering at the canned pears through squinting eyes because they can't read the labels.

I happen to like this store. It's a little bit further from the store that's only a block or two away, but I prefer its prices and the deli. Apparently, the older people like it for the same reason.

Though I have trouble shopping among them, today I found myself actually relating to them when I couldn't find the cans of diced olives. First, I checked the canned vegetables aisle (Are olives vegetables? Are they fruits?), but to no avail. Then I checked the Mexican foods aisle, because I've often eaten Mexican food garnished with olives. They weren't there. I went up and down every aisle that I spotted cans. Finally, I found them with the relishes.

This whole time, I looked as lost and confused as the old men who were perhaps seeking out Ben-Gay in the frozen foods sections.

We went home and made our avocado sandwich appetizers. After we finished eating, we realized that Kim had forgotten to use the olives anyhow.


At 5:29 AM, Blogger Michelle's Spell said...

It's so true -- I'm always at a loss in a grocery store. The appetizers sound good, though!


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