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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Does UNM Offer a Blogger Class?

Quote of the Day: "Kids. They're not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex."
-Bill Maher

Today I found out that my human sexuality class is not going to count for anything--it gets me no further to graduation. Looks like I'll be dropping down to fifteen hours for the remainder of the semester.

Unfortunately, this means that I'll have to take summer school. While it's not too late to drop a class without a grade (luckily), it is too late to register for a different one. Bummer. I really didn't want to take summer school, but I also really want to graduate by next fall.

I guess I'll have to bite the bullet this summer and take a class. There is some good coming out of this, though. I now have the time I'd devoted to my human sexuality class. Now I can start commenting on the blogs of others! Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I'm back.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Sheila said...

That sucks! I hate when I find out my classes aren't going to count. I had that happen to two of mine. I feel like it's such a waste of time and money.


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