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Friday, May 11, 2007

A Natural Slide

Quote of the Day: "You walked around
said yourself beautiful
just too bad they stare."
-TV On The Radio, "Hours"

This morning the weather was gorgeous and warm, so my neighbor, my brother, and I went on a hike. For two hours, we pulled ourselves over and through cacti, loose dirt and rock, and slick rock faces that struck us as impossible manage had it been raining.

We climbed to the highest point we could get to and looked out over the city and surveyed the trail we'd just blazed, and we stood, prepared to head back down. Then came the first drops of rain.

There was no established trail to guide us, so we hurried our way down the side of the mountain, often sitting on our asses and sliding to the canyon below, hoping to not take a rock to the groin or worse, a cactus. Then we arrived at the rock faces.

By this point, they were wet and, therefore, slicker. The downpour was coming down harder and harder, and we were to decide whether or not to take the long way, around the slick rock, or the quicker, more dangerous way--using the rock face as a waterslide. Being the irresponsible hikers we are, we chose the latter.

I went first. I sat on my ass and pushed off. For about twenty feet, I slid, gaining in speed. Slowing down, let alone stopping, was an impossibility, until I reached the bottom, where a pile of boulders ended, rather quickly, my slide to the base of the mountain. It hurt like hell and I got soaked, but man, what a rush.

Simon's Current Obsessions:

TV On The Radio
These guys are so weird. But strangely appealing.

Zombie movies.
There is aren't many vehicles for an allegory better than a zombie film. And it helps to be a gore junky.


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DId the other 2 make it down safely?

At 6:31 AM, Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Did someone say zombies? Check out my blog at http://gotld.blogspot.com (Sorry, I stumbled on your blog looking for the Dawn of the Dead pic and never miss a chance to pimp my stuff!)
Always good to find another enthusiast.


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