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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Christmas Memories on a Warm Afternoon

Quote of the Day: "I talk to God but the sky is empty."
-Sylvia Plath
I've had this lingering image on my mind since childhood. One Christmas Day, my father took the family out for a drive. It was one of the only Christmases in which it actually snowed in Albuquerque, so we had a more traditional sight of Christmas rather than our usual odd images of yucca and cacti adorned with Christmas lights. Hence the desire for a drive.

Anyway, we saw this lone little old man standing in the falling snow, and trying the door to a restaurant, which of course was closed. It was a heartbreaking sight, though a little cliche, and one that I haven't ever forgotten.

(Why, with Albuquerque's current onset of warm weather announcing Spring, am I suddenly thinking of Christmas?)


At 5:44 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

I remember that Christmas! I think sometimes we go back to childhood Christmas' to bring out the kid in us again. A warm afternoon is the perfect time. To tell you the truth, Christmas with you, Robbie and your Dad are always my best memories. Traditions are wonderful to pass down, and Dad made sure we had plenty of them, didn't he?

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Sheila said...

I am trying not too think of Christmas.... we had 70 degree weather for a week and now it is snowing and 25!!! I hate Michigan.


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